StratiVirus or the battle against the pandemic

Random universal testing

One of the proposed testing strategies is randomized universal testing when the population is tested randomly.

Another testing strategy is targeted or stratified periodic testing.

It assumes that individuals within risk groups are tested at regular intervals, not less than once every 10 days, and, in case of available resources, at smaller intervals.

  • People who have a lot of contact with people (e.g. bus drivers or supermarket employees);
  • Those at high risk of infection (e.g, prison guards and guardians);
  • Those who do not have the opportunity to work from home (e.g. construction workers);
  • Education staff and students
  • Isolation of those with a positive test result,
  • Searching for a connection after the incident is discovered,
  • Quarantine of close ties
  • Review of infection prevention and control practices
  • Strategy change or revision
  • Take a test twice a week
  • When entering a university, present a passport or a special application and enter only in case of a negative result
  • If they have a high risk of infection, they should be tested at short intervals
  • Wisconsin — Madison University
  • University of Colorado Mesa
  • Rice University, Houston



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